Fear No Film 2016


Fear No Film presents seven programs of short films demonstrating that change is the only constant. Each screening explores a different range of TRANSITIONS, from the personal growth we each experience during life, the delusions we might encounter along the way, the emotional scars we accumulate and the complexity of global social changes.

These short film screenings take audiences on a tour of various filmmaker visions and unique stories told from around the world. Each program lasts just over an hour inside the City Library Auditorium.

All screenings, except for kids’ films shown in the Kid’s Art Yard, can contain adult content. All screenings in the Library Auditorium are free to the public.

Personal Transitions

This screening explores how personal change is often dangerous, scary and thrilling.

  • Children of the River, 14 min, Portugal
  • Last Base, 15 min, Norway
  • I Will by Pablo Nouvelle and Sam Wills, 4 min,
  • Switzerland
  • Jake, 19 min, Germany
  • Come Closer, 5 min, Utah
  • Dust to Dust, 2 min, Tennessee
  • Hourglass, 5 min, Oregon

Relationship Roles

These stories identify transitions occurring between friends, family and the strangers surrounding us.

  • We Can’t Live Without Cosmos, 15 min, Russia
  • Becomes Sore, 17 min, Japan
  • A Letter to Bob, 7 min, Oregon
  • Deadly is the Woman, 3 min, Utah
  • Dinner at 40, 18 min, New York
  • The Lift, 6 min, Spain

Our Ability to Adapt

In the 21st Century, rigidity leaves us behind. These films examine the trickiness, limits and dangers of change.

  • ANY DAY NOW, 20 min, Spain
  • By the Hour, 11 min, Utah
  • THUMBSCREWS, 5 min, Canada
  • Positioning, 4 min, Illinois
  • Vaporize by M. Maggie, 4 min, Pennsylvania
  • The Absentees, 10 min, United Arab Emirates
  • Feeling Real, 3 min, France
  • Time Thieves, 8 min, Spain

Coping Mechanisms

This program explores a wide range of ways we each cope with transition.

  • The Black Bear, 15 min, Belgium
  • THIS MODERN MAN IS BEAT, 17 min, Florida
  • Omnia, 8 min, United Arab Emirates
  • Life, 7 min, New York
  • The Undertakers Wife by From the Bassment,
  • 3 min, Texas
  • The Sea Was Calm, 8 min, Uruguay
  • Kessi Blue, 8 min, California

The World is Changing

From the abstract to the elegantly simple, these films demonstrate how the world is changing.

  • Getting Fat in a Healthy Way, 22 min, Bulgaria
  • Uncanny Valley, 8 min, Argentina
  • ÁRTÚN, 21 min, Iceland
  • Hypertension 2.0, 5 min, Massachusetts
  • CITIUS, ALTIUS, FORTIUS, 3 min, Germany
  • What’s a Gender?, 9 min, Netherlands
  • Unruly Things, 5 min, Utah

Transitions from Imagination to Delusion

This screening showcases stories along the border between creativity to disillusion.

  • The Working Dead, 8 min, Spain
  • Hanna, 15 min, New York
  • Generation Girl, 9 min, Australia
  • Anima Radix, 3 min, Australia
  • Void, 17 min, Denmark/Finland
  • Jailbreak, 2 min, Oregon
  • Lila, 9 min, Argentina

Transitions from Wounds to Healed Scars

This program traverses the hatred of someone you don’t know, to personal healing and the everlasting strength of scars.

  • Los Angeles 1991, 10 min, California
  • My Enemy, My Brother, 17 min, Canada
  • ARAAN, 6 min, Spain
  • Granny Crochet, 2 min, Spain
  • Shadows, 11 min, United Arab Emirates
  • Birthday Boy, 11 min, California
  • Quiet Mujo, 11 min, Switzerland

Utah Short Film of the Year

Library Auditorium, Thu, June 23, 8PM & Sat, June 25, 8PM

These short films, all produced in Utah, have won accolades from across the state. After the screening, vote for your favorite.

  • The Other Shore, 13 min, A University of Utah Department of Film Studies Production
  • Papá, 6 min, A BYU Center for Animation Production
  • Ties the Room Together, 5 min, Created in partnership with VideoWest/KUER
  • B + A, 7 min, Official Selection of Slamdance FF, numerous festivals
  • Oblivious, 8 min, Winner of 2014 SLC 48 Hour Film Project
  • A Wealthy Diagnosis, 16 min, A Spy Hop Production
  • Hammer Suite, 10 min, Audience Award Winner, LDS Film Festival

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