Art & Technology

On the grassy area, north of The Leonardo, Make Salt Lake and the Utah Arts Festival invite you to join a movement where creativity meets technology and engineering meets art. Why tinker with existing ideas and devices when you own can make new ones using your ingenuity and a few practical skills?

Make-and-Take Projects

These projects provide hands-on fun for makers of all ages, but only while supplies last.

Art Tiles

Create a unique piece of artwork on a tile using sharpies and rubbing alcohol.

Atari Punk Synths

Build your own music synthesizer and take home instructions on how to mix your own music with it. Featuring compositions from a local artist.


Make a photoreactive negative image using a specially treated paper, the sun, some objects and your imagination.

Mini Light Sabers

Calling makers, artists and future warriors to design the handle, choose the crystal (LED) color, and decorate the blade, and best of all construct a mini light saber while learning a bit about circuits and LEDs.

Brush Bots

Skittering robots made with a toothbrush head, motor and battery bring these brush bots to life.

Algorithm Augmented Art

Create a piece of music on a synthesizer with this algorithm augmented art system and we’ll email you the file.

Robot Drawing Platform

Our robot drawing machine programmed with artwork from Make Salt Lake members can create a memento for you to take home.

Art & Technology Displays

Magneto Ferro

Interact with an art display that uses magnetically charged fluid and electromagnets to make interesting shapes and movement of the fluid.

Virtual Reality

Experience the world of virtual reality, “a technology that replicates an environment, real or imagined, and simulates a user’s physical presence and environment in a way that allows the user to interact with it,” according to our maker sources.

Wi-Fi Reactive Wind Chimes

Of course, wind chimes react to the wind, but when connected to technology they can be made to react to anything that can be sensed. Come interact with this Wind Chime Reactor!

Immersive 3-D Art

Daily, 6PM–11PM, Retail Space Under the Crescent Arch

Step inside the world of the 3D digital artist using room-space VR (think holodeck) to experience a virtual gallery showcasing curated 3D art of local artists; Tiltbrush for which you access magical paintbrushes to create fantastical 3-D art; and the Kingspray Graffiti Simulator.

Spy Hop Collaborative Film: “EXQUISITE SCRIPT”

With the help and participation of Utah Arts Festival visitors, Spy Hop will craft a collaborative film, including scriptwriting, acting, costumes, puppets and more! Spy Hop is a nonprofit youth media arts and education center, located in Salt Lake City, that mentors youth in filmmaking, graphic and game design, audio engineering, and radio and music production.

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