All Kid Hands On Deck!

If you've been to the Festival at least once with a kid, you hopefully have visited the Kids Art Yard and you probably know there are some activities there that will keep kids busy for a while (and even we like to stop and paint now and then because — why not?).

But our resident kids' activities experts compiled a list this year so that you can know ahead a time where to take the kids and yourself to make some hands-on art memories.

  • Paint a Car (Mark Miller Subaru Sponsor - Art Yard)
  • Paint with bubbles (Mark Miller Subaru Sponsor - Art Yard)
  • Ward off bad dreams (Art Yard) 
  • Use lids to make Dot Paintings (Art Yard)
  • Make a Mandala (Art Yard) 
  • Art made from candy (Art Yard and Haribo Sponsor tent)
  • Explore Spheres of the Universe: (Art Yard)
  • Play a musical instrument (Summerhays Music Center Instrument Petting Zoo in the Art Yard)
  • Wear a circle (Art Access in the Art Yard)
  • Illuminate a work of art (Craft Lake City in the Art Yard)
  • Paint a cool key chain (NHMU in the Art Yard)
  • Create a vulture mobile (Tracy Aviary in the Art Yard) 
  • Make a polka-dot sculpture (UMOCA in the Art Yard) 
  • Decorate a chocolate cup (UMFA in the Art Yard)
  • Don't be afraid of film for kids (Fear No Film Fest in the Art Yard)
  • Write some poetry! (SLCC Community Writing Center)
  • Find a plastic jungle gym (Toddler Zone)
  • Get your face painted (Face Painting area outside Art Yard - for a nominal fee)
  • Make a Light Saber (Art and Tech)
  • Play Pinball (Art and Tech)
  • Draw an Art Tile (Art and Tech)
  • Play some music on the Programmable Glockenspiel (Art and Tech)
  • Take a crazy picture on the Artcade (Art and Tech)
  • Make a Brushbot Creature (Art and Tech)
  • Draw on the Harmonograph (Art and Tech)
  • Meet the CodeDeys kids and see their project (Art and Tech - Friday at 3:30PM)
  • Make a Sunprint (Art and Tech)
  • Watch a Drawbot draw on your tile (Art and Tech)

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