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Utah Arts Festival

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2021 Film & Visual Arts Award Winners

On behalf of the Festival staff and program coordinators, we are happy to announce the Fear No Film and Artist Marketplace award winners for the 2021 Utah Arts Festival.

Fear No Film Awards

  • Grand Jury Best of Show: You Are Always 20
  • Grand Jury Honorable Mention: Visual Storytelling: The Saverini Widow
  • Grand Jury Honorable Mention: Production Design: Colossus
  • Grand Jury Honorable Mention: Bold, Uncompromising Vision: Nuevo Rico
  • Fear No FIlmmaker Award: Luis Fernando Puente, The Moon and the Hummingbird
  • Audience Award: Utah Short Film of the Year: Subscribe
  • Audience Award: Utah Short Film of the Year (Student): The Moon and the Hummingbird
  • Audience Award: Best Narrative Short: Flip The Switch
  • Audience Award: Best Documentary Short: From Trash to Treasure
  • Audience Award: Best Animated Short: Benztown
  • Audience Award: Best Kids! Short: Hope
  • Audience Award Winner: Best Midnight Short: The Saverini Widow

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Artist Marketplace Awards

People’s Choice: Christian Coleman, Jewelry, Booth #36


  • Donor Jury: Jeanne Akita, Wearable Art, Booth #34
  • Community and Inclusion: Tony Barbano, Glass, Booth #24
  • Board of Directors: Amos Amit, Fiber, Booth #52
  • Artist Marketplace: Ellie Rusinova, 3-D Mixed Media, Booth #77


  • Donor Jury: Ian Ely, Photography, Booth #82
  • Community and Inclusion: Kevin O’Grady, Jewelry, Booth #68
  • Board of Directors: Christopher Rasmussen, Wood, Booth #86
  • Artist Marketplace: Mick Whitcomb, Sculpture, Booth #57

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