Follow Us on Our Journey

Follow Us on Our Journey

In June 2020 the Utah Arts Festival made a promise to our community. Today we want to affirm our commitment to becoming better, more effective allies, and fill you in on the work we’re doing to offer a space where all community members are welcome and feel safe.

Since our initial statement…

We hired a team of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) consultants to provide an expert, outside perspective and help us develop a sustainable, intentional, long-term DEI plan.

What we’ve learned so far…

Over the last five months, we’ve gathered information to better understand sentiments and perceptions of the Utah Arts Festival related to diversity and inclusion. This process has helped us understand where we really are and the work that needs to be done to get where we want to be. We can do more to ensure the Utah Arts Festival better reflects and represents diversity, promotes inclusivity, and cultivates a sense of belonging across all levels of the organization. This work is important to our patrons as well as participating artists and for the longevity and evolution of our organization.

What’s next…

We’re committed to the pursuit of equity, inclusion, and diverse representation across all levels of the Utah Arts Festival, and doing so in a way that is genuine and intentional. With the continued support of our consultants and you, our community, we are working on an implementation plan with more specific action items and success metrics. Areas of focus include:

  • Increased representation in places where decisions are being made.
  • More frequent, open communication and requests for feedback.
  • Foster authentic, intentional partnerships, working to build more trust over time.
  • Continued investment in organizational training, education, and alignment with DEI values.

Transparency and accountability are an important part of our plan, and we look forward to offering regular updates on our journey going forward. Thank you for sharing your input, concerns, questions, and ideas. We invite you to continue to do so by participating in ongoing quick polls or by reaching out to us directly at .

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