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Artist Marketplace

The 2022 Utah Arts Festival Artist Marketplace features over 170 artists from throughout Utah and around the world. Take a look, you may find a new favorite!

Festival Grounds

artist marketplace

Marketplace Returning Award Winners

Our Returning Award Winners were honored during the 2021 Utah Arts Festival, voted on by festival-goers, donors, board members, and their peers. We welcome them back this year as part of their award!

People’s Choice

Christian Coleman
Emily Edmunds

Best in Show

Community & Inclusion: Tony Barbano
Board: Amos Amit
Artist Marketplace: Ellie Rusinova, Brandan Styles

Award of Merit

Donor: Ian Ely
Community & Inclusion: Kevin O'Grady
Board: Christopher Rasmussen
Artist Marketplace: Mick Whitcomb

People's Choice 2022

Vote for your favorite at the Pella booth located at the top of the horseshoe across from the city and county building.

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