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Utah Arts Festival

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2021 Urban Arts

Urban Arts showcases powerful talent of urban voices through the art of music, graffiti, street art, and dance. This year in the urban arts section we will be inviting several local muralists and urban artists to come and participate in the urban arts yard for live painting, live print making, and art work display.

Live Mural Painting

urban arts women

Don’t miss talented local female artists that will work collectively to create a large mural bringing together their individual types of art styles. They will be painting the mural in the urban arts section on Saturday and Sunday.

Fat Cap Hat Gallery

urban fat caps

The Fat Caps Booth opens from open to close every day. Buy a custom painted graffiti hat by one of our many artists with the words, lettering style and color of your choice.

100 Artists/1 Image

urban 100 artists

Lend your hand to local artist Mason Fetzer’s project “100 Artists/1 Image,” now in its ninth year at the Utah Arts Festival. Join the cast of 100 artists to add your own style to the towering 20 foot by 20 foot community mural. The great fun for many visitors is trying to guess what the final image will be, and the mystery sustained until almost the moment of completion.

Come paint a tile on Friday 1- 6 pm and Saturday 12- 2 pm. The mural is planned to be revealed 3pm on Saturday.


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