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Urban Arts

Urban Arts explores and presents new movements in art and music that infuses energy into urban landscapes without apologies.

Southeast corner of Library Square

Urban Arts

Urban Arts explores and presents new movements in art and music. See work and meet artists from genres including street art, graffiti, hip-hop, and electronic dance music. Festival-goers will enjoy raw energy and expression of street art and graffiti and also listen to live music by more than 25 artists performing every type of music from bass, trap, house, to R&B and Hip-Hop.

Fat Cap Hat Gallery

For $35 you can have a custom graffiti hat made-to-order by some of the best graffiti artists in SLC.

Live Graffiti

View live graffiti up close and personal. Local artists paint daily on the Festival’s legal graffiti walls. Watch these talented, local artists represent every point of the spectrum of artistic expression.

Graffiti Mural

Chase Estes and Pablo Pinet will be doing a collaborative art piece this year. Come by to watch them create on Saturday and Sunday.

In Action

Leave Your Mark

Presented by Mark Miller Subaru

Be part of the art! Take a moment to contribute your unique mark to our collaborative doodle walls in the Urban Arts area. Chalkboard pens will be available for check-out at the Fat Caps booth throughout the day.

Stay For The Beats

A rotating schedule of local DJs and MC’s will be performing daily at 5PM and running throughout the evening. Go get your spin on at the Urban Arts area and check out the vibes of these DJs.

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